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iMprove Medical Care Quality.
We are here to create the perfect environment for doctors and patients.


A company that provides high-quality medical equipment service for private medical centers, network clinics and medical laboratories.

Without unnecessary words and pathos. We make the daily routine of doctors easier by offering reliable solutions in the field of diagnosis and repair, maintenance, training of doctors, clinical engineers and provision of spare parts for medical equipment - with no holidays and days off.

We value our customers, however, not only in words. You will not see prices "from the ceiling", you will not receive unnecessary services and empty promises about meeting deadlines. Each manipulation of the equipment is regulated and will be prescribed in the contract.

With us, you will always find a plenty of universal solutions for your medical institution, no matter what size it is.
  • Responsibility
    To take responsibility and not to shift decisions to other people and circumstances. We fulfill all our obligations to our clients in full, and we are not looking for anyone to blame.
  • Results
    It is important for us that the client gets results from working on the equipment that we supply. Not just sell and forget, but do everything so that the client constantly works and enjoys the results.
  • Frankness
    To speak openly about those decisions and actions that are unreasonable, violate the exchange and do not lead the company to the goal. We open our clients' eyes to the real picture, without embellishment and misconceptions.
  • Work ethic
    It doesn't matter to us what size your institution is or what goals you pursue in your work. We have equal conditions for cooperation for all of us, for clinical specialists, private sellers and large dealers - this is our main rule and the basis for business transparency.
  • Support is always there
    We do not work on a strict schedule and are ready to help you night and day, every day without holidays and weekends. We know that many questions cannot wait until Monday.
  • Open prices
    We are not afraid of competition, because we know that we give much more value than just a low price. We have an open pricing policy, so you can always calculate your budget in advance.
Spare parts
Even the rarest PN
Any malfunctions without problems
Full equip
From scratch to the first patient
For clinical specialists and engineers
Updates, upgrades, options opening
Even more solutions
We cover all the needs of private medicine